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Highlights of spring sitting of legislature

June 26, 2012

Government House Leader Highlights Accomplishments of Spring Session

Government House Leader Jerome Kennedy today highlighted accomplishments of the spring sitting of the House of Assembly, which has been the longest sitting of the legislature since 1994, and saw 35 pieces of legislation passed.

“During this lengthy sitting of the House, our government presented our Speech from the Throne, mapping out our priorities for the coming year; we unveiled Budget 2012 – People and Prosperity with important investments for the people and communities of our province; and we presented a robust legislative agenda,” said Minister Kennedy. “Our government was criticized for not opening the house in the fall after we took office following the general election but it was absolutely essential that our budget and the legislation we would propose were thoroughly prepared and ready for debate on the floor of the House. The fact is we opened the House of Assembly on March 5th, the earliest a spring session has opened in recent memory, and sat for longer than any other sitting since 1994.”

Minister Kennedy noted the importance of the legislation that was passed in the House during this spring session, highlighting amendments to the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the Labour Relations Act, and the Fatalities Investigations Act. There were also six new bills introduced and passed including An Act to Regulate the Personal Services Industry.

Details on legislation can be found at http://www.assembly.nl.ca/legislation. Details specifically on the spring sitting legislation can be found at http://www.assembly.nl.ca/business/bills/ga47session1.htm or http://www.assembly.nl.ca/legislation/sr/lists/statcurses&other/StatCurSes.htm.

Media contact:

Tess Burke
Communications Manager
Government Members Office

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Links to some relevant news releases:

March 5
Speech from the Throne 2012
Premier’s Response to Speech from the Throne

March 7
House of Assembly Passes Resolution Regarding Search and Rescue

March 20
Amendment to Act Allows for Easier Access to Disability Saving Plans (An Act to Amend the Enduring Powers of Attorney Act)
Volunteer Firefighters’ Tax Credit Recognizes Vital Service (Income Tax Act, 2000)

March 26
Residents to Benefit from New Generic Drug Pricing Policy (An Act to Amend the Pharmaceutical Services Act)

March 30
Lower Generic Drug Costs Will Help All Newfoundlanders and Labradorians (An Act to Amend the Pharmaceutical Services Act)

April 2
Legislative Amendments Will Help Protect Consumers (Consumer Protection and Business Practices Act)

April 3
Municipal Ticketing Pilot Program Expanded (Municipalities Act and the Urban and Rural Planning Act)

April 4
House of Assembly Passes Amended Motion Regarding the Fishery

April 24
Budget 2012

April 25
House of Assembly Passes Motion Regarding Sealing Industry

May 9
House of Assembly Passes Motion for Skilled Trades Opportunities

May 17
Public Encouraged to Participate in Core Mandate Analysis

May 31
New Act Expands Scope of Service Animals (An Act Respecting the Service Animals Act)
New Rules Introduced for Suspended Drivers and Vehicle Impoundment (Highway Traffic Act)

June 4
Amendments to Legislation Aim to Modernize and Enhance Operation and Oversight of Aquaculture Industry (Aquaculture Act)
Amendments to the Student Financial Assistance Act to Enhance Student Aid Program in Newfoundland and Labrador (Student Financial Assistance Act)

June 6
House of Assembly Passes Motion for Creation of an East-West Electricity Corridor

June 7
New Personal Services Legislation to Enhance Public Safety (An Act to Regulate the Personal Services Industry)

June 11
Proposed Amendments Will Strengthen Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act

June 14
Legislative Amendments Enable City of St. John’s to Streamline Commercial Taxation (City of St. John’s Act and the City of St. John’s Municipal Taxation Act)
Amendments Support Continued Implementation of Waste Management Strategy (Regional Service Boards Act and the Municipal Affairs Act)

June 15
House of Assembly Passes Amendments to Access to Information Legislation (Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act)

June 18
Government Introduces Amendment to Establish Child Death Review Process (Fatalities Investigations Act)

June 19
Amendments Will Modernize Provincial Labour Laws (Labour Relations Act and the Public Service Collective Bargaining Act)

June 21
House of Assembly Passes Motion Outlining Commitment to Affordable Housing
Amendments Allow for Clearer Application of Property Assessments (Assessment Act, 2006)