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Municipal infrastructure for Labrador's north, south coasts

July 13, 2012

New Multi-Purpose Building for St. Lewis; Over $900,000 for New Municipal
Infrastructure for North and South Coasts of Labrador

Over $900,000 is being announced for the north and south coasts of Labrador as part of the 2012 Municipal Capital Works Program. The funding will support the design of a new multi-purpose building in St. Lewis, along with municipal infrastructure upgrades in Torngat Mountains and West St. Modeste. Funding also includes the expansion of the existing recreation centre in Charlottetown being cost-shared with the Department of Education, as announced on June 22.

“This funding reflects our continued investment in municipal infrastructure on the north and south coasts of Labrador,” said the Honourable Kevin O’Brien, Minister of Municipal Affairs. “The design of a new building for St. Lewis will include space allocation for council chambers, town offices, a fire hall and a multi-purpose room, while the expansion of the recreation centre in Charlottetown will initially serve as interim instructional space for the school and will later be re-purposed into a municipal building.”

The community of West St. Modeste will carry out water and sewer servicing and the Inuit Community Government of Hopedale will complete water line upgrades on Harbour Drive.

“Our government remains focused on the needs of Labradorians with more than $158 million being invested this year,” said the Honourable Nick McGrath, Minister for Intergovernmental and Aboriginal Affairs and Minister Responsible for Labrador Affairs. “These investments support the Northern Strategic Plan of expanding infrastructure, improving the delivery of programs and services, and encouraging overall economic prosperity for Labrador. By the end of the current fiscal year, total spending through the plan and other Labrador-related initiatives will have exceeded $3.5 billion since 2004.”

Since 2008, almost $29 million in Provincial Government funding has been announced for the north and south coasts of Labrador for new and improved municipal infrastructure. This investment is supporting a new multi-purpose facility in Hopedale and a new arena for Makkovik, as announced last year. Funding has supported various water and sewer upgrades in Charlottetown, Hopedale, Mary’s Harbour, Nain, Port Hope Simpson, West St. Modeste and William’s Harbour, along with a number of road improvements in the area.

Budget 2012: People and Prosperity included $130 million over two years for municipal capital works projects throughout the province. Since 2008, the Provincial Government has invested over $500 million in Municipal Capital Works projects which has resulted in improved municipal infrastructure across the province. These projects have provided municipalities the opportunity to secure, develop and improve infrastructure for their residents and support the long-term sustainability of growth and development of communities throughout the province.

The Provincial Government has also maintained improved cost-shared funding ratios established in 2008 to benefit municipalities. For communities with populations below 3,000, the Provincial Government will continue to invest 90 per cent of the cost of new infrastructure with the municipality providing 10 per cent; 80 per cent of the cost will continue to be covered for populations between 3,000 and 7,000; and 70 per cent of the cost will continue to be covered for municipalities with populations over 7,000.

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