PC Party NL Progressive Conservative Party of Newfoundland and Labrador

Our Team

Executive Board

The following is a list of the Provincial Executive members of the Progressive Conservative Party of Newfoundland and Labrador for the year 2013-14. Below that are the lists of executive members of the PC Women’s Association and YPC (Young Progressive Conservatives) for 2013-14. Executive members were elected at the Party’s Annual General Meeting in Gander on September 20-22, 2013.

Mr. Cillian Sheahan
Email: csheahan@pa-law.ca

Mr. Mark Whiffen
Email: markwhiffen@gmail.com

Past President
Mr. John Babb
Email: jbabb@babblaw.ca

Ms. Charlotte Halleran
Email: charlottehalleran@nl.rogers.com

Mr. Norm Williams, CA, CFP
Email: normanwilliams@nl.rogers.com

St. John’s East Area Vice-President
Mr. Dave Manning
Email: dpmanning@nl.rogers.com

St. John’s West Area Vice-President
Ms. Adele Crummell
Email: adelecrummell8@gmail.com

Avalon North Area Vice-President
Mr. Bill Dooley
Email: williamdooley709@gmail.com

Avalon South Area Vice-President
Mr. Grant Barnes
Email: grantbarnes6162@gmail.com

Burin Peninsula Area Vice-President
Mr. Jack Cumben
Email: jack.cumben@yahoo.ca

Eastern Area Vice-President
Mr. Denley Stone
Email: den.stone@nf.sympatico.ca

South Central Area Vice-President
Mr. Brian Caravan
Email: brian@keyincentral.nf.ca

Central North East Area Vice-President
Mr. Gerry O’Brien
Email: gj.obrien@nf.sympatico.ca

North Peninsula Area Vice-President
Mr. Darl Scott
Email: dscott@nf.sympatico.ca

Western Area Vice-President
Mr. Adam Sparkes
Email: lauraandadamsparkes@nl.rogers.com

South West Area Vice-President
Mr. Dwayne Cull
Email: CULL4587@gmail.com

Labrador Area Vice-President
Mr. Shannon Tobin
Email: private@shannontobin.ca

Women’s Association President
Ms. Chantelle Hull
Email: chull@pcpartynl.ca

Youth President
Mr. Travis Martin
Email: traviswademartin@gmail.com

Principal Assistant to the Premier
Mr. Lary Wells
Principal Assistant to the Premier
Email: lwellshumbereast@hotmail.com

Caucus Representative
Hon. Tom Hedderson (Harbour Main)
Email: tomhedderson@gmail.com
Or email: thedderson@pcpartynl.ca

Executive Director of the PC Party
Sharon Vokey
PC Party Office telephone: (709) 753-6043
PC Party Office fax: (709) 753-6059

PC Party Headquarters postal address:
20 Hallett Crescent,
P.O. Box 8551, St. John’s, NL A1B 3P2
PC Party email: info@pcpartynl.ca

* * *

PC Women’s Association Executive

Women’s Association President
Ms. Chantelle Hull
Email: chull@pcpartynl.ca

Women’s Association Vice-President
Ms. Keri-Lynn Power
Email: klpower@robertregularlaw.com

Women’s Association Secretary
Ms. Danielle Coombs
Email: danielle.coombs@gmail.com

Women’s Association Treasurer
Ms. Michelle Hunt
Email: michelle_h11@hotmail.com

* * *

YPC (Young Progressive Conservatives) Executive

YPC President
Mr. Travis Martin
Email: traviswademartin@gmail.com

YPC Vice-President
Mr. Desmond Whalen
Email: desmondw@mun.ca

YPC Past President
Mr. Justin Hewitt
Email: jfxhewitt@gmail.com

YPC Secretary
Ms. Kristen Gill
Email: kng624@mun.ca

YPC Treasurer
Ms. Holly Lewis
Email: hollyvlewis@hotmail.com

YPC Director at Large
Mr. James Sheppard
Email: jimsheppard86@hotmail.com

YPC Director at Large
Ms. Natasha Hillier
Email: natashahillier@me.com