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Calvin Peach

Calvin Peach

PC MHA for Bellevue District

Calvin Peach was born in Flat Islands-Port Elizabeth, Placentia Bay and is the son of Gabriel and Lillian Peach. His family resettled to Grand Bank in 1966 where he later married and had a family of two girls and a boy. His family remained living in Grand Bank for 27 years. Calvin moved to the St. John’s area in 1988 and then to Norman’s Cove in 1989, where lives today.

Calvin attended St. Francis Xavier University and completed courses in Labour Law, Public Speaking and Media Coverage (TV and Radio) in 1982. He was involved with various committees on the Burin Peninsula while he was a resident of Grand Bank including:

  • Chair of the Fisherman’s Union for 14 years;
  • Chair of the South Coast District Labour Council for 5 years;
  • Chair of the Burin Peninsula Fisheries Improvement Committee for 5 years;
  • Chair of the Burin Peninsula Fisheries Crisis Committee for 5 years;
  • Southern Vice President of the Federation of Labour for 5 years; and
  • Organizer for the FFAW for 1986-1988.

In Norman’s Cove, Calvin continued as an active member of the community, including:

  • Mayor of Norman’s Cove-Long Cove since 1997-present;
  • Councillor for Norman’s Cove-Long Cove in 1996;
  • Chair of the Sports and Recreation for 5 years;
  • Organizer of the Norman’s Cove – Long Cove Days;
  • Chair of the Norman’s Cove – Long Cove Days Committee for 9 years;
  • Vice Chair of the Isthmus Rural Development Association for 7 years;
  • Vice Chair of the Regional Discovery Zone Board representing Ward 3 from Hodges Cove to Chapel Arm;
  • Chair of the Isthmus Giant Town Councils;
  • Vice Chair of the Harbour Authority of Long Cove for 4 years;
  • Representative of the Newfoundland Advisory Council for Harbour Authorities (HAAC);
  • Representative for Small Towns on the Regional Discovery Zone Board to the Liaison Advisory Committee for LNG (Natural Gas)

Calvin has been assisting the students in the area for a number of years and is a strong advocator for youth employment. He is known for assisting students with appeals for EI and Workers Compensation and has been successful in many. Calvin is also the Harbour Authority Supervisor and Administrator for the Harbour Authority of Long Cove.