May 30, 2017
For Immediate Release

Voisey’s Bay Community Development Initiatives in Limbo
Because of Liberal Indecision

Steve Kent, Industry Critic for the Official Opposition, said, “$30 million for community development initiatives ‎the PC government negotiated with Vale as part of an enhanced Voisey’s Bay agreement is sitting unused because of Liberal government indecision.”

“Our government announced the start of the projects two years ago, but the Liberals appear to have delayed them soon after taking office, and have not restarted the work in the two years since,” said Kent.

“That means the $4.5 million new aquatics centre for Placentia is in limbo, to the detriment of the region, even though the town has had the detailed architectural plans ready for months and has had many meetings with the province to try to move this project forward,” said Kent. “Placentia residents are frustrated with the Ball government’s inaction, and incredibly, the Liberals are now blaming the town for the delay that he and his government are causing.”

“The Liberals’ inaction means the $11 million new wellness centre for Happy Valley-Goose Bay is in limbo, to the detriment of the region. The town and Labradorians are frustrated with the two-year lack of progress on this approved project, despite numerous meetings with the Ball government, which can’t seem to get around to doing anything.”

“What is the status of the $12 million supportive ‎housing initiatives and health support projects for vulnerable populations and the $2.5 million cardiovascular hybrid operating room for the Health Sciences Centre ?

“The Liberals appear to be preventing projects from moving forward despite the fact that the money was allocated by Vale two years ago. How can communities grow and thrive, and how can the lives of vulnerable people be improved, when ‎the Liberals are blocking the already-funded projects that would make a huge difference?” said Kent.


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