July 5, 2017
For Immediate Release

Long-Awaited Review of Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Overdue

Tracey Perry, Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Critic for the Official Opposition, said many clients of Newfoundland and Labrador Housing’s programs wait in limbo for a report which is now overdue.

“Minister Gambin-Walsh promised the people of this province and, more importantly, the clients of Newfoundland and Labrador Housing that before the end of June 2017 she would release a report finalizing her review of Newfoundland and Labrador Housing. While the recommendations of this review have not been released, clients are worried if the programs and services they depend on will be cut,” said Perry.

Each year thousands of clients avail of one or more programs through Newfoundland and Labrador Housing. These include the Rent Supplement Program, Rental Housing Program, Residential Energy Efficiency Program, Provincial Home Repair Program, Home Modification Program, Home Energy Savings Program, and others.

“Newfoundland and Labrador Housing provides valuable services to many residents of our province. When we asked questions in the House of Assembly, the Minister indicated that each and every program has been reviewed and that changes and cuts could be coming. It is not fair for the Minister to leave the people who depend on these services worrying about their future. The Minister has the review, the recommendations, and should release them immediately,” said Perry.


Media Contact:
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Director of Operations and Communications, Office of the Official Opposition
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