May 1, 2018
For Immediate Release

New PC Leader and PC Caucus Meet, Look Forward to Working Together

The seven members of the Progressive Conservative Official Opposition Caucus met on Sunday with PC Leader Ches Crosbie, who was elected and sworn in as PC Party Leader on Saturday, April 28.

The Caucus has agreed that, for the remainder of the session, Paul Davis will remain the Leader of the Official Opposition in the House of Assembly, and Keith Hutchings will remain the Opposition House Leader. The spring session is scheduled to continue until the end of May, according to the parliamentary calendar.

“It was great to meet with our Caucus members on Sunday afternoon. I reiterated what I said on the weekend: that the real work starts now – to lead a revitalized PC Party which will defeat the Liberal government, rebuild our economy and restore confidence to our democratic institutions. I look forward to working with our Caucus members as we plan for victory in 2019,” said Crosbie.

“We had a very positive meeting with Mr. Crosbie and we look forward to working together, both at Confederation Building and around our province. Our Caucus will continue to shoulder the responsibilities of the Official Opposition in the House of Assembly, and at the same time, we are excited to be supporting our new Leader in preparing to win the government in 2019,” Davis said.


Media Contact: Heather MacLean
Director of Operations and Communications, Office of the Official Opposition
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