May 28, 2018
For Immediate Release

Liberals Ignoring Inspection Reports on Crumbling Bridge, Exposing Travelers to Significant Hazard

Keith Hutchings, MHA for Ferryland, said, “The Ball Liberals have completely ignored their own government’s inspection reports on the crumbling Mutton Bay Bridge on the southern Avalon, exposing travelers to a significant safety hazard that their own inspectors are clearly worried about.”

The report on this bridge three years ago said the bridge substructure was poor and needed to be repaired within one year. The report also said the superstructure was poor and needed to be repaired within three years. Three years later, the 2018 report on the bridge shows that essentially nothing has been done. The inspection report continues to call for urgent repairs and replacement.

Hutchings said, “I was shocked to see petitions and complaints to the Minister were addressed by some small pieces of 2”x4” wood nailed up along part of the bridge – which in no way protects the general public and does nothing to address the severe structural problems. This is a real safety hazard for anyone traveling along that road, especially because, if a vehicle was to veer toward the side of bridge, nothing would be there to stop the vehicle from going over the structure. It should have been addressed three years ago and identified in the heralded five-year road program by the Liberals (a program no one is allowed to see rankings for). The attempts to date to deal with these serious road and safety issues are an insult to residents and tourists who use the road. Tourists will be shocked.”

“The Transportation Minister needs to come down to see this bridge for himself, and maybe then he will take his own officials’ inspection reports with the seriousness they were clearly intended to convey,” said Hutchings.


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