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Northern Shrimp Committee Reconvenes

“We look forward to working with our colleagues to pressure the Federal Government to develop fishery policy that recognizes responsible fishery management while supporting the economic benefits of both the inshore and offshore shrimp fishery. DFO' s fishery science requires increased investment which must begin immediately. No fishery science data can be ignored; we must manage our fishery resources to ensure maximum opportunity for our coastal communities for today and generations to come. We must ensure that debate on this issue is fully informed in Ottawa and move beyond the current LIFO policy to a direction that ensures that both industries can continue to operate within a balanced and well researched fishery management plan.” - Paul Davis

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Premier Backtracks on Prior Comments on Borrowing

Keith Hutchings, Finance Critic for the Official Opposition Office, said Premier Dwight Ball's admission today that the province has indeed acquired long-term borrowing in the past year, and has itself secured long-term borrowing since coming to power, has led to more confusion on the ability of the Liberal administration to handle the current fiscal plan required and to be open and transparent with the people of the province.

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Liberals Short on Financial Details

Keith Hutchings, Finance Critic for the Official Opposition, said the Liberal government’s assertion that the province’s long-term borrowing is at risk needs to be explained by Premier Ball, as the former PC administration was never turned down for long-term borrowing. Coupled with the global economic slowdown, the Liberals’ lack of a long-term plan has made credit agencies and lenders nervous, and that is a new factor no doubt impacting borrowing efforts.

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Davis Welcomes Grace Centre

“We as a government took decisive action to bring mental health treatment facilities and counsellors into our communities where the need is great. Recognizing the need, we made facilities like the Grace Centre among our highest priorities while in office – and others as well, including the Hope Valley Centre in Grand Falls-Windsor, the Tuckamore Centre in Paradise, the Humberwood Centre in Corner Brook, several facilities in St. John’s and more.” - Paul Davis

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Is NL's Fiscal Arrangement with Municipalities Safe?

Kevin Parsons, Municipal Affairs Critic for the Official Opposition, is asking if the provincial government is committed to maintaining the province's new fiscal arrangement with municipalities, announced just a year ago. “Is the province’s fiscal arrangement with municipalities safe?”

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Opposition Questions Minister on Quin-Sea

Kevin Parsons, Fisheries Critic for the Official Opposition, is asking provincial Fisheries Minister Steve Crocker to provide an update on the application by Royal Greenland to purchase Quin Sea Fisheries Limited, which operates processing facilities in six communities in our province.

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