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Budget Tool Not Ready

When questioned about the Budget in the House of Assembly on Thursday, Finance Minister Cathy Bennett chastised the Opposition for spreading misinformation and said: “We’re going to post online a tool so Newfoundlanders and Labradorians who are in the low income – and our constituency assistants can provide the facts to low-income people.” Keith Hutchings, Finance Critic for the Official Opposition, was surprised to learn that, moments later when questioned by the media, government officials said no such tool exists today.

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Promised Literacy, Closing Libraries

Brazil said, “The gutting of library services coupled with the tax on books is an attack on literacy by a government that promised to make improving literacy and reading achievement among its top priorities."

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People Understand the Budget All Too Well

Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, takes great issue with remarks by the Premier and the Finance Minister that people do not understand the 2016 Budget. “People understand the Liberals’ 2016 Budget all too well. What they do not understand is how the province ended up with this Budget after the Liberals—just five months ago, with a clear understanding of our financial predicament—promised a reversal of tax increases and no job losses."

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Erosion of Rural Health Care

“Most of the measures the RHAs are taking will diminish the level of care and impose hardship and worry on families. And to think the total savings from these cuts represent just 5 per cent of the revenue the Premier lost by abruptly canceling the HST increase in January. These rural residents did not have to suffer like this,” said Davis.

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Liberals Abandon Health Red Book Promises

Davis said, “The Liberals, who promised to increase early detection and screening, are cutting diagnostic imaging and doing away with clinical breast exams as part of a cost-saving exercise, which is the wrong reason to implement any change in cancer screening. The Liberals, who promised to replace the Waterford without delay, are instead closing a residential patient unit at the Waterford. The Liberals, who promised enhanced mental health and addictions services, are instead cutting them. The Liberals, who promised to expand seniors’ care, are instead closing seniors’ care facilities. The Liberals, who promised to enhance access to care where people need it, are instead reducing the number of inpatient beds at the Burin Peninsula Health Care Centre.”

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2016 Budget a Devastating Attack On Families and Our Economy

Paul Davis, Leader of the Official Opposition, said the Ball government’s first of two 2016 budgets is an absolutely devastating attack on seniors, youth, families and economic opportunities throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

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